Monday, March 28, 2016

The Journey Home and Easter

We woke up on our last morning of London and packed our apartment. We had an hour to spare before leaving for the airport, so we walked over to Covent Garden and had brunch and browsed the market. Michael bought a wonderful plaque with the Walter coat of arms on it.
Then we gathered our belongings and got on tube to ride all the way to Heathrow. The train was a great way to go and we arrived in good time. We were a bit nervous about the London airport after the recent bombings, so we made our way quickly through security and got to our plane just in time.
I guiltily flew first class and Michael and the kids rode in Economy Plus. There is a long story with good reasons behind that so don't judge if you can help it.
The flight was much longer on the return and we made it into Chicago about 8 hours after we took off. We were all dead tired, but made our way to the United Lounge for a rest before our connecting flight to Houston. We shoved two chairs together for Sam where he immediately fell asleep.
We boarded our plane to Houston around 9pm Central time and 2AM London time. We all slept on the plane except for Michael.
We caught our shuttle to our Houston hotel and finally crawled in bed around 1AM Central Time and 6AM London Time.
We slept hard until 7AM Central Time when the kids woke us excitedly and told us it was time to drive home.
We drove home in a fog, but were very happy to pull up to the house just before noon. Our dogs were frantically happy to see us.
The easter bunny had left overflowing easter baskets in the kitchen for the kids and our nephew Kade drove up on his dirt bike to greet us just as we arrived.
Our washer was broken due to a bunch of fuzz deposited by our house sitter so while I unpacked and showered, Michael took apart the washer and fixed and got our first load on.
We all set off for my mom's house and Easter brunch around 1PM. I was so happy to see my mom and dad and Tiffany and her family.

I only brought wine, but my mom had planned a really nice brunch and around 2 my Uncle Larry and his whole family arrived and so did Stacy and Lilliana and Glendon and Martha and Clark and my grandmother arrived and we commenced our easter party. Usually we have a big deal at the river, but this year was just family at my mom's house and it was perfect. The weather was lovely and warm and sunny. My mom had heated the pool and the kids swam and we drank wine and ate and then followed the kids around while they did an easter egg hunt in my parents' yard.
I loved being with my family so much.
After brunch we headed home where Davis proceeded to be violently ill. I blame an old jelly bean, because after he was sick, he immediately recovered.
Michael and I unfortunately, started coughing and having sore throat like Samuel before us. sigh. We all put on our pajamas, folded laundry and watched Survivor before heading to bed early.
We were so glad to have a fabulous vacation, and a fabulous easter party, but were so happy to be home.


cheris said...

I'm so sorry Graham gave you the plague!

Amber said...

A. It was worth it.
B. It could be something different we caught on the plane.