Monday, April 25, 2016

Hyatt Lost Pines

They cancelled the Food and Wine Festival because of the rain. We've had rain. Lots of rain, but I was still heartbroken. We called and cancelled our Driskill reservation but because it wasn't 72 hours advance notice, they weren't going to give us back out suite upgrade. I called the Hyatt Lost Pines and they said they would honor our suite reservation and move us over there. Woohoo!
I wasn't sure I wanted to go. I have a LOT going on at home and escaping for the weekend seemed very not right. But my mom told me stop sitting around being morbid and go spend time with my own family. So I did. But I still felt guilty. Guilty with a capital G. To go along with the capital U type of Upset I've been going around feeling.
But we went. And we had an absolutely lovely time. We had a fancy dinner with well behaved children and a movie on the lawn on Friday. We had a tennis lesson and then a day at the pool on Saturday followed by a bike ride, bocce ball, and a room service dinner. It was a splendid day with fantastic weather and beautiful spring flowers and greenery and sunshine and my wonderful children and my wonderful husband. I even got to watch Outlander from my bed. A win.
We drove home on Sunday to face reality again, but it really was a wonderful respite despite the guilty. I am so lucky I can enjoy such a beautiful place and that I can spend time with my lovely family. We came home and spent he afternoon cleaning out the shed, playing a game of Catan and spending time with Martha and Clark and my mom and dad. A lovely weekend, truly. They won't happen as often in the future and I appreciate the now very much.

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