Sunday, April 10, 2016

Spring Weekend

We had a lovely spring weekend. It was a weekend that makes me seriously regret our choice to move.
On Friday the kids had field day. I drove up to the school and watched the kids play out side. All the fifth graders from Lion King were so happy to see me and all the third grade girls were so excited to touch my purple hair.
I met my mom for lunch at our favorite little Mexican seafood restaurant after I left the school. It was so fun to have a lunch date with her.

That evening we drove to New Braunfels for the CASA fundraiser. It was a really fun Italian theme and we had a good time with Martha and Clark, Alex and Tom. Martha won the "heads or tails" game and gave us the yeti cooler that was the prize!!!!

Saturday morning, Michael's cousin Erin texted us and asked if we were up for a visit. We said sure and she and her family came down to visit. Michael's parents came too and we had a lovely play date on the ranch with fishing in our pond and letting Davis drive us all over the ranch on the mule.

I left the playdate for a bit to have lunch with my friend Kelli and her partner Jeanette and their new gorgeous baby. It was so fun to be with them and catch up.
That afternoon after Erin left, we all got in the car and drove across town to our a private art show at a friends' house. The artist is a Cuban cousin of Odille's and we enjoyed looking at her art and visiting with Ed and Moneta and Odille and Tom. We stopped at HEB on our way and picked up cupcakes and sushi for our family movie night that evening.
We were celebrating Davis's birthday with our friends and the gorgeous spring weather with an outdoor movie. We set up the screen and popcorn machine and friends began to arrive. The weather was gorgeous and the kids played and played outside. We ate the cupcakes and I made lemon drops for friends. We started the movie at dusk and watched the Original Muppet Movie. It was so sweet and so good. That movie is fantastic and timeless. We sang along and heckled and I was happy.

This morning a painter is coming to paint our lounge ivory and Michael has to fly out to Florida. The kids and I will drive him to the airport in Austin and then go visit my mom and dad. It has been a beautiful spring weekend.

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