Friday, May 6, 2016

Life Still Happens/Catching Up

Last week, before Gramp passed away, but while we were waiting for that to happen, life still went on. It was super hard. Every day we waited for news. It was like standing on the edge of a precipice. But we still had to keep going. I packed and cleaned. I went on a field trip with Sam to the Science Lab in Johnson City. My friend Jamey came over to my mom's and we had brunch and played bocce. Michael and I cleaned out the attic.
After my Gramp passed away, we still had to carry on. The kids went on a nature adventure with their best friends for a birthday party. The family came into town and we hosted a funeral and a wake. We held Grandma's hands and hugged the other side of our family and told stories. My mom made an altar with marigolds and candles and pictures. Samuel promised me that Gramp was in a better place. Yesterday we all went down to the pool and swam and drank wine and talked. It was nice.
And life is trudging on. I'm packing and interviewing potential renters and getting my ducks in a row for the move. We are hosting a final movie night tonight. Michael is working lots.
I'm spending lots of time with my dad.
My car spent 27 days in the shop after rodents built a nest in the harness and cut all my wires, but I got it back on Wednesday after the funeral and I was happy to have it back. My computer died and I sent it off and it came back yesterday repaired. That was good too.
Marcie and Ann are still here and the boys play and play.
We are planning a lovely Mother's Day brunch at my grandma's house and a family pool party at Casa Pacifica for the afternoon.
The jasmine I planted with my dad two years ago is blooming and filling our front walk with beauty.
I"m working hard at finding joy in the now. And breathing. Breathing is good. So is wine.

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