Wednesday, May 25, 2016


My dad died yesterday. My mom and sister and I were with him as his spirit flew free. I can't talk about it yet. My heart is broken into a thousand little pieces. But I am so happy he is finally free and I feel his spirit all around me.

Born October 24th, 1943, he was named Anthony Wayne Tomblin, but even as a boy he knew that he was different from all the rest. He was living with his eight siblings and mother in a two-bedroom apartment in San Antonio when he found a bike. He decided he was Lucky. And with that, he decided that he’d direct his own fate. Friends, family, even his mother called him Lucky.
The name suited him as he made his way through a challenging childhood. He was brought up by his loving mother with the help of the nuns at his Catholic school, but still ran the streets of “south side” San Antonio at night. He put himself through college at Southwest Texas, where he met and fell for a beautiful, dark haired girl named Rebecca. Never one to be deterred, he followed her home and convinced her that they should be together. He was right: they were soul-mates.
Lucky and Becky married, and he attended St. Mary’s Law school. Money was lean but soon, their first child, Tiffany came into their lives and made everything richer and brighter in all the true ways that count. Always one to write his own story, Lucky sought to blend his love of music with his passion for social justice and law. Never one to work for “the man” he was determined to have his career on his own terms, by the things he believed in. After a time, Lucky and Becky joyously welcomed a second daughter, Amber to the family. This family included not only his girls, but the adopted family he embraced along the way, his Kiowa-Apache father Lindi Tofpi, his daughter by choice Stacy and her daughter Lilliana.
As a lawyer, musician, husband, father and friend, Lucky lived his life by his strong convictions. His smile was quick and bright, but his words were weighted with the wisdom of one who was unafraid of self-reflection. When good times came to him, he held to the values that others would compromise. When life presented challenges, as it always does: he met them with resilience, big dreams, a glass of single malt scotch, and a telephone to his ear.
After a successful career in both music and law, he spent the remainder of his life at Casa Pacifica in San Marcos, the home that he loved and shared with his true love, Becky. With this home base, the two travelled to places that inspired and intrigued, making some life-long friends along the way. Those he is leaving behind will remember his amazing smile that lit the room, his sense of humor that could make a teenager blush, his deep love of music and everyone who makes music, his generous and unwavering championing of those in need, his immediate, honest and loyal friendship and his vast and unending love for his family.
His wife, Becky, his daughters Tiffany and Amber and their husbands, Keith and Michael, will miss him dearly. As will his cherished grandchildren: Kaden, Davis and Samuel. He is and ever will be Lucky, but it is we who are lucky, to have shared in his life with him. We look to the future, knowing we will carry his values and spirit with us. For it is in each of us, that we have the power to make our own Luck and to make the world a better place.
Always a poet, Lucky says it better than we ever could:
“To my children, grandchildren, relatives, friends and the many others who have loved or befriended me, and to those who have not; but most of all for Rebecca, whose love for everyone is soulful, spiritual, and giving (I love you Rebecca); and in memory of those who came before me, I offer these words.
The time that each of us has in this sphere of existence, which we call life, is both brief and everlasting. Everything we do matters, and will not be undone.”
My real self, Spirit
is free and clear and bright
and likewise is yours
beyond all day or night
I believe in joy and all things are good
and it’s sure,
as is all that I am
and all that is yours
This birth did not begin me
this death, it will not end me
and your self, ethereal,
is forever
This world I live in
it is not mine but it is me
and I am it
and so are you from and through it
So I stand apart
to watch and laugh
and let it flow by
and sometimes when I forget what I am
I cry
while I love and live it
and enjoy the ride
til I die
Lucky loved and valued his large family - his brothers and sisters Jobeth, John, Patricia, Darrell, Mark, Carol, Sheryl, Stephan, their families, and his beloved mother “Schatzi” (Thelka) - who stayed an important part of his life.
The family has been very blessed with a compassionate team of caregivers, and would especially like to thank Amber, Dora, Lisa, Mary, Penel, and Bruce among the many angels we have been fortunate to have had join our lives for this moment in time.
An open house celebrating Lucky’s life will be held at Casa Pacifica on Sunday, May 29th from 2:00- 6:00 pm.
If you are inclined, in lieu of flowers, donations can be made to the Sacred Springs Pow Wow in Lucky’ name. Donations can be sent to
Indigenous Cultures Institute
600 Boulder Bluff
San Marcos, TX 78666
EIN: 20-5429900

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