Sunday, May 15, 2016

Mother's Day

Mother's Day had good points and bad. It was a good day, but odd.
The kids bickered with Michael while making my toast and coffee. While I was putting on makeup, and texting potential renters, my mom called and said my dad was not doing well. I threw egg stratas in the oven and ran over there.
Then I ran up to co-host a brunch at my grandmother’s and I had to open the house and put on music and transform the house from a house of mourning to a house of party. Grandma initially didn't want to party, but we coaxed her out.
The brunch was nice and full of family and good food. I'm so glad I have my Grandma. She's the best.
Then we tried to have our family foundation meeting at my parent’s house. We had decided to do it Hawaiian style so we could pretend we were all in Hawaii. We made a Hawaiian food menu and Tiff brought leis for everyone and mom bought a Hawaii beach dvd to put on the big screen. Then yesterday turned cold and rainy. We made a great effort at Hawaii inside in our floral print shirts while staring at the pouring rain.
My dad was still not doing well. We had our meeting and then ate more delicious food. We had poke and pulled pork sliders and shrimp tacos and grilled pineapple and all kinds of tropical ice cream to help with our Hawaii theme. Then kids were sent out side, to swim in the cold rain, but a toasty, heated pool. They had a blast.
My sister and I sang with mom in the living room to my dad.
We really tried to make it a good day.
We came home and played a pretty great game of Catan with the kids and drank too much wine.
This is an odd time in our lives, but we do the best we can and do our very best to appreciate each moment that we have with each other. I have amazing children and I love them so much. They make me so happy. I have the best mother in the world. The BEST. I have a loving and caring mother in law whom I adore and a grandma who is an amazing woman. I am surrounded by fabulous mothers. This is what matters. Not the rain or the struggle. It is the beauty in strong women who are caring and compassionate. In that way, I have been gifted with the very best mother's day ever.

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