Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Denver Moving-No furniture week

We are still in our new house. My mom has arrived (happiness!!!!!) and my husband has left for the week to work in El Paso (sadness). We still have no furniture, but it is scheduled to arrive tomorrow.
Many things are not right in the house. My friend Cheris always rolls her eyes and says "Granada!" when things are weird and not easily explained in their adopted city in Spain. We say, "Val!", the name of the previous owner, who is lovely and wonderful, but who made very odd choices, like the hole in the bathroom where the medicine cabinet used to be which was covered by a painting nailed over it. I really think she thought it a home improvement choice.
Michael spent all last weekend assembling Ikea furniture. He is amazing. He also hung curtains as NONE of the curtains in then house are usable. Mom and I shop and buy and shop and buy and putter and clean.
The kids have made friends in the neighborhood and are building endless forts in our empty living room with all of them using our outdoor couch cushions and our blow up bed. They love the neighborhood and their new friends. They are happy!
The night before Michael left we all went to the downtown Littleton block party which was amazing with several hilarious bands and lots of beer and wine and food and buskers and people. Unfortunately, it poured down rain with thunder and lightning and we all had to run through the rain for blocks to get to the car and were soaking wet by the time we got there. It was definitely an adventure!
The dogs are not so happy and keep escaping. We are eagerly anticipating the arrival of our handyman tomorrow for the never ending list of jobs we need help with.
We took yesterday off from work and went to downtown Denver where we toured the Molly Brown house, rode the shuttle down the 16th Street Mall, ate lunch in Latimer Square and browsed the Tattered Cover bookstore, before racing home to find the dogs as they had escaped again and only one had been found by the neighbor. Luckily they were both fine when we got home. Sigh.


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