Monday, June 27, 2016

Settling In

We are settling in. The bar is built downstairs. We still need to tile the back, but it looks and feels great. Michael and I had a nice, busy weekend. Samuel was still under the weather, so we took it easy, getting chores done and hanging out. We drove around Saturday afternoon to look at the local activity center and skate park and stopping in at a local festival, which proved charming and fun. Davis rode a new one wheeled motorized skateboard and now is obsessed. We spent the evening playing a family game of Star Wars monopoly which Samuel won fair and square.
Sunday we worked and worked and worked on the garage. You can actually do thing in there. I think we are officially completely unpacked. Sunday evening we hosted a happy hour for our neighbors. We had three couples come over and tons of kids. It was really fun.
Michael and I went this morning and got our Colorado license plates. We meant to get new drivers licenses as well, but were lacking the correct documentation. Then we drove Michael to the airport and said goodbye and came back home.
I didn't know what to do with myself. It's the first time I've been alone (the kids were here, but still) in our new home. There wasn't more unpacking to do. I'd already done the bill paying and laundry and grocery shopping. I miss my friends so much. I started to panic, but I managed to do just fine. I chatted on the phone and Davis built a rocket. I hosted the neighborhood kids. I made peach ice cream. I made dinner. I took a group of neighborhood kids on our bikes to our nearest park and played red rover with them. It was great and I had fun and I stayed in the moment. I think I can do this.
We've been invited to go to the pool with a friend tomorrow and if we have time, we will go to the local library and maybe another bike ride. It is so beautiful here. The mountains are incredible and the grass is green and silky soft and cool. The weather is amazing and we can actually go outside all day. People are nicer than I thought possible.
I'm doing all right.

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Rob L. said...

You think you can do this? Pshaw, of COURSE you can :^D

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