Wednesday, June 1, 2016

The Kids are Awesome

Over the last two weeks, things have been a blur. During the nine days while my dad was leaving us, I spent every day with him and my mom and the last four nights I slept at their house. During this time, my kids got a stomach bug and stayed home from school, Michael spent a week working in Denver, my cell phone fell and the screen cracked, we postponed our move, I lost my renter at the last minute, we bought a car and sold a car and the kids had two award ceremonies, several field trips and many end of year activities. We hosted family, planned a celebration of life, hosted the celebration, had an impromptu pool party, Michael left for Florida and finally settled down again. Things were happening and I don't know how they actually happened.
However, because this is a record of our family and my kids are doing their very best, I want to note here their awesome-ness.
Samuel's award ceremony happened one hour after my dad passed. I had promised him I wouldn't miss it and so Michael and I left my parents house and got in the car and went to the award ceremony and cheered and hooped and hollered and then came back to the house and went back to meeting the funeral home etc. It was weird. To say the least. But I am so glad I went because Samuel was so proud. He was just beaming. He got many awards, but the one he was most proud of was being first in his class for AR which is a reading award. He was first in the third grade and third in the entire school, reading more books and getting more points than any other child except for his brother and a fourth grader. He received a trophy and was so, so proud. I am very glad I was there for him.
The next day, Michael and I attended Davis's award ceremony and breakfast. Davis was many awards as well and was very proud and we were proud of him. He won the first place trophy for AR in his grade and the first place trophy for the whole school, which was very large and impressive.
Both boys had set a goal at the beginning of school to attain this award and had worked tirelessly all year toward that goal. I am very proud of them.
And so ends the school year. Extra special thanks goes out to the Rios family, who kept the boys over and over again after school and for sleepovers the last few nights before my dad died. I could NOT have done it without them.

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cheris said...

They are amazing!

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