Monday, July 25, 2016

Taos July 2016 Days 1-3

We are in Taos for cooking camp week again. We did this last summer and had a lovely time, despite the fact that things were going to pot at home. The kids love their daily camp and I love having the days to myself. I plan to do this every year. I'm hoping it can be a girl week. My ladies could all come and bring their kids and put them in camp during the day and we could hang with them in the afternoon. Anyone interested?
Michael was able to drive down with me from Denver this time. It should be a four hour drive, but leaving on a Friday afternoon during some considerable monsoons really made the drive an extra two hours longer. Luckily the kids and the dogs were great travelers and we also had a fantastic audio book (Boundless). Saturday we went to Fiesta De Taos and had lunch at Gutiz, and then Marcie and the family came down and joined us at the house. We went out to dinner at the Taos Mesa Brewery and had a wonderful time. They were doing the Twelfth Night in the amphitheater and some of us were intrigued.
Sunday morning we all went White Water Rafting on the Rio Grande. It was so fun and we all really, really enjoyed it. We came home and showered and then Ann made a run up to Colorado and the rest of us played Catan and table tennis and hung out at the house. That evening we tried to make it to KTAOS, but it was closed, so we went back to Taos Mesa Brewery. Unfortunately, it was VERY windy, we ate quickly and headed back home. Marcie and Ann and the family had to drive home and Michael and I went to bed very early.
This morning I took the kids to their beloved cooking camp and went for a hike all by myself. It was very good for me.
This trip has been difficult for me as Taos reminds me of my dad BIG TIME. When we first arrived I bawled like a baby into the sleeve of his ski jacket in the closet. Denial is much easier in Denver. Still, I am working on staying in the now and not dwelling on the immensity of my loss. I can feel his and my Gramp's spirit here with me though.
I'm hoping to hike each day and I feel like that time in the quiet on the trail is very nourishing to my soul. I have time with my thoughts and it feels good to move my body and be silent. I think the most beautiful sound in the world is the sound of the wind in the Aspens.

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cheris said...

Sounds like you're in healing/transition mode.
Many hugs.

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