Friday, July 29, 2016

Taos Summer 2016 Days 4-6

I've been hiking.
We drove up to visit Marcie and Ann and see their new house. Ann made killer margaritas and ate a fabulous dinner. I love being with them.
We've played lots of table tennis. I took the kids to Twirl.
I ate and ate and ate. I grabbed a post hike sandwich from Taos Cow. We ate happy hour tacos and onion rings at KTAOS and the kids played volley ball. I ate happy hour fries at Sabroso. I ate lunch with Marcie and her kids at Orlando's. We bought boxed wine at Medley Wine Shop.
We played Ticket to Ride with the kids on the patio.
Every afternoon the storms come in and cool down the house. The sky turns pink and we smell wet sage.
Every evening we put on the DNC on the television and drink wine and watch our politicians and dream of a better America.

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