Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Making Memories

This weekend was full of beautiful weather and living in the now.

I had a lovely crisp, cold evening where we built our first fire in the fireplace and all read our individual books, together, in the living room.

Our Saturday dawned with amazing sunshine and cool breezes and we drove down to Castle Rock to the REI Soiree and the kids rode mountain bikes on the trails and I sat on a blanket and sipped a local beer and listened to the free concert.
That evening I cried and tried to get through an Alamo screening of Pete's Dragon, which the kids loved, but which made me indescribably homesick for my dad.
I got sippy and morose on my friend Suzy's couch while tiki torches glowed outside the open door on a perfect night and the kids huddled in their shed watching Ant Man and the men sipped beer.
I sang in the choir on Sunday and then shucked off my church clothes into light cotton in order to survive the intense sunny day.

The kids wrestled in the yards of the neighborhood and played with their friends.

I snuck out to see Bad Mom's with Suzy and relaxed on the reclining leather movie seats. This movie suited me so much more and made me laugh. I needed to laugh.

I baked cookies the size of my face while my house was full of laughing children. Michael and I walked the dogs through the evening air to the park with the green grass and the mountain views and we played red rover with the neighborhood children and felt the cool breezes on our faces.
I cuddled with my husband under the feather duvet with the windows open to let in the cold night air.

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