Thursday, August 11, 2016

Martha and Clark Visit

Martha and Clark came and stayed with us for a week. It was so nice to have them come see our new home and share our new space. They got to tour the kids' school, visit our church, shop in our grocery store and watch the kids play tennis.
We also had many wonderful adventures together. Having them as visitors enabled us to behave like tourists in our new town.
We took the light rail to the Museum of Nature and Science. It's a great museum. We had lunch there, saw an imax on National Parks, explored the space and gems and dinosaur galleries. Michael met us there at the end of his work day and we took the bus to the 16th street Mall, where we wandered and played and then had dinner at Euclid Hall.

The next day we drove about 45 minutes into the mountains the picture book adorable town of Georgetown. We took the steam train through the pass and did an amazing mine tour and panned for gold. We walked up and down the tiny adorable main street and then came home. This was probably my favorite day. I LOVED the train. Michael and I had a date night that evening. We went to the Alamo Drafthouse and saw the new Star Trek movie. We really needed a date with just the two of us and it was good.

Sunday we all went to church and then worked on the garage. We got a new ping pong table! It's our housewarming gift from Martha and Clark. Michael and Clark rented a UHaul truck and went and picked it up from a craigslist seller. It is gorgeous and fun. That evening we watched the Olympics with our friends. That day was exceptionally hard for me as church had got me thinking about dad. Some days are almost impossible to get through, but I stay busy and I always get through them.

Monday was our last day of summer vacation and Martha and Clark treated us to a day at the Family Fun Center. This really is family fun. There was almost no one there and it was fantastic. We played many games of laser tag, did bumper cars, climbed a rock wall, ate a nice lunch, played wii games and did an epic inflatable obstacle course. I loved that place and enjoyed getting exercise and acting like a kid.
That afternoon the kids had their first tennis lesson. They need an after school activity that gets them moving as Davis has no recess or PE in middle school. I'm hoping this works for them.
Martha and Clark had to leave Tuesday morning, but we had a very good week. I miss them and so do the kids. We are lucky to have such a loving family.

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Martha said...

We had a great time in your new home/ state. Thanks for the great hospitality and planning to make it a great time for all.

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