Monday, August 29, 2016

Michael's Birthday Week

We had an epic week of birthday celebration for Michael's 45th birthday. His actual birthday was on Thursday, but we partied all week long.

On Tuesday, Michael and I grabbed an Uber and went across town to do a Rose wine tasting dinner at Root Down. The food and wine were absolutely amazing! We had to share a table with a very nice couple, but they were not interested in talking to each other at all, only us. Michael was fine with that, but I would have preferred some date night chatting with just the two of us. Still, the food and wine were perfection and our table mates were very nice. We had a good time.

Thursday we woke up and gave Michael coffee and many presents. He was happy. We gave him Seafares (a Catan expansion), a new suitcase, two pairs of pants and the new Harry Potter book. Both our parents chipped in on a fabulous new PA system for our outdoor movie screen. He was WAY gifted. That afternoon after school we had homemade Texas sheet cake which was delicious, but very poorly decorated. We joked that I had made a "Hagrid cake" like the one he made for Harry Potter.
On Friday, Michael had the day off! We went to the gym and worked out and got in the hot tub and sauna. We had lunch and then drove over to the container store to get a new hat rack and hooks for all of Michael's hats. We picked up the kids, had a brief meeting with Davis's science teacher and gave Michael a tour of the school since he hadn't seen it yet. We rushed home to get ready for our first outdoor movie night in our new town!
A few weeks before I had sent an email to our HOA board asking if we could host a movie night for the neighborhood. I attached pictures and I think that's how I sold it. They said yes! This was what Michael wanted most for his birthday and I was so pleased to be able to do it for him.

We set up the screen with a few of our neighborhood friends and the kids made signs for the gates. We took out our new table and work lights and the popcorn machine and movie candy. We had no idea how many people would show since we don't have very many friends here yet. We were very surprised that a ton of a neighborhood folks showed up. We were so happy!!! We met our neighbors and I made popcorn and handed out glow sticks. Michael put on loony toons and then we watched the first Harry Potter movie. A lot of the neighborhood families with little kids left as it started as they need an early bed time, but we still had a good core group of watchers. It got chilly after the sun went down and we handed out blankets. We couldn't believe that it was so cold for a movie in August. There went our plans for a Halloween movie. Still we got great reviews and everyone wants to help us do it again. Win!

Saturday was a day of home projects- which wasn't very birthday fun, but still very
necessary. That evening though, we had a sitter again and we took the light rail downtown for the first in our Broadway series subscription. We went to dinner at Limelight supper club, right in the theater complex. Then we crossed the sidewalk to the theater to see Phantom of the Opera. To tell you truth, it wasn't very good. The set was fantastic and of course I love the show, I've seen multiple times, but some of the singers were a wee bit off which kind of killed it. Still, it was fun to be at the theater and out with Michael and so it was okay.

Sunday we got up early and drove to the north east side of Denver for a pool party. It was the birthday of a friend from college's son and I was pleased to be included and invited. The boys loved the pool. It had water slides and a lazy river and water cannons. The sun was bright and warm and the kids had a great time. We left around lunch time and after grabbing Garbanzo for lunch, we headed home to continue our home projects. We got a ton done and felt like we had truly maximized our week with fun and industry.
Michael flew out again this week and we have settled down to routine, but I am very, very excited for Labor Day weekend as my mom is coming to visit! Stay tuned.

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