Saturday, September 17, 2016

Making Friends

I put it out into the universe and all of a sudden things started to happen. Isn't it marvelous when that works out?
I hoped to make some friends and then all of sudden I had opportunities to do just that!
We had an impromptu happy hour on Wednesday. A neighbor from the other side of the green belt came over and he and Michael played pingpong and geeked out together. Suzy and Jason came over with the kids and we sat around the table and ate and sipped and had a marvelous time.
Friday evening, we drove over to the park and had happy hour with Suzy and Jason and then moved the party over to Suzy's friend Christin's house and met a friend of theirs and we all made merry and the kids destroyed their playroom with happy abandon and Michael and guys all hung out in the living room and it was so fun!
This morning Samuel had an all day playdate with a friend. Suzy and I went to Alamo Drafthouse for a movie. Michael and Davis are out on a mountain bike ride with Davis's friend Isaac and his dad. A friend from school called Davis and invited him to his birthday party.
The neighborhood ladies are making a plan to get together in a few weeks and Suzy is arranging a girl's night for me to meet all her friends.

I feel good. I feel hopeful. This friend thing is fun.

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