Monday, October 17, 2016

Weekend with Friends

After the powwow last weekend, Cheris and Rob brought the kids down to Casa Pacifica. It was so good to see them! We had seen them seven months ago when we visited them in Spain and hadn't seen them before that since the previous summer. It was a wonderful reunion. It made me feel settled inside and happy to be with Cheris again. It was good.
We swam and hung out by the pool and I got to hear Rob play the guitar. I had missed that so much! The kids were extremely happy to be together. That evening we introduced them to the Simpsons and "Treehouse of Horror" episodes which was a huge milestone and a lot of fun. They had a sleepover on the couch.
The next morning, Cheris studied and we all hung out and then had more pool party and bocce ball. Our friends Tom and Odille and their son Tommy came over and we all hung out some more. That evening we got pizza and watched the debate. It was very exciting as Trump had just been exposed in a video saying horribly sexist things that weekend and all day various Republican senators and governors had been denouncing him. I drank a wee bit too much in preparation of the debate, but it was still very interesting.
We kept the kids again overnight even though Cheris and Rob had to go home and that made our children happy. They swam some more the next day and played and drew and watched Inspector Gadget and loved each other until Cheris came to get them. It was so hard to say goodbye to our friends when they left, but we hope to see them in November when we come back to Texas.

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cheris said...

And it was just what I needed!
Thank you again, and thanks Becky for hosting us!

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