Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Wonderful Weekend with Martha and Clark

We had a wonderful long weekend with Martha and Clark. They flew in late Thursday evening. Friday after school, the kids put on their costumes and we drove over to the Southglenn Mall for the Pumpkin Parade. Michael and the boys had made pumpkins and entered them into the contest. We took Leah with us and Suzy and Jason and Garrett all met us there. We enjoyed seeing the multitude of children in costumes and the kids trick or treated, got their faces painted and watched a magician. We voted for Davis and Sam's pumpkins and then had dinner at the Mellow Mushroom and enjoyed some delicious pizza and good company.

The next day we loaded up the car and headed to the Denver Zoo. They were having the "Boo at the Zoo" event with trick or treated and lots more kids in costumes. It was a gloriously sunny day. The zoo was filled with fall color. We especially loved the art that was displayed around the zoo. Each statue was a giant sea creature made entirely out of trash washed up by the sea. We all loved each one. That evening, I went out on my ladies night and Michael and Jason hosted an outdoor movie night. They screened "Book of Life" and said it was a hit.

Sunday we went to church and listened to the choir do the Requiem with a full orchestra! It was wonderful and such a great way to spend a Sunday morning. We ate lunch downstairs while we looked at Martha and Clark's gorgeous fall foliage pictures. I love wedding pictures and vacation photos. I really, really do. That afternoon, Martha and Clark watched the boys and
and Clark and I played ping pong, Martha cheered us on, Michael worked in the garage and the kids played in the driveway with all the other neighborhood kids making home made wands. It was so fun! Later, Martha and Clark kept the kids and Michael and I went to see Miss Perigrine's Home for Peculiar Children at the Southglenn Mall. We both really enjoyed the show.

On Monday, Michael had to fly out and I worked at the school. That afternoon we took the kids to tennis. They were so happy to show their grandparents their new skills on the court. After tennis, Martha and Clark treated us to a Mexican dinner at Three Margaritas. It was very good.
This morning after I packed the kids off to school, I drove Martha and Clark to the bus station and said goodbye. It was such a wonderful visit. We are very lucky to have them and are so blessed that they come and visit us!

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