Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Becky's Birthday in NOLA

I flew out on Thursday morning to New Orleans. Michael had to fly in very late the night before in order to be home for me to leave. It was a whirlwind departure. I arrived in New Orleans by 2PM and met my Uncle Larry, Aunt Joyce, Marsha and Denise all at the airport as they arrived from Austin. I shared a cab with Marsha and Denise and we headed uptown. I hopped out and ran upstairs to see my mom and Tina! I was so, so, so happy to be there.
Mom opened some presents I had brought her and we all snacked and had a glass of wine.

Then we caught an uber to the Spotted Cat. We toured the little art gallery next door and then met up with everybody plus Lilly and John at the Spotted Cat to see Miss Sophie Lee perform. She was wonderful and even dedicated a song to us! We bought CD's and Larry and Joyce and danced and a merry time was had by all. We walked across the street to the DBA for a glass of wine and then went over dinner at the Three Muses. Our table wasn't ready so Sophie invited all of us to go upstairs and hang out on the balcony until it was ready. It was such a treat and we felt so exclusive. We hung out on the balcony and people watched and listened to the street music until it was time to come downstairs and eat. The food was amazing as usual and we had a great time.

It was all great fun.
The next morning we went and met Larry and Joyce and Lilly and John for brunch at Coulis. It was so good. I love that place. Then we walked down to magazine and poked around in the shops. Tina had never been to New Orleans before and it was fun to see it with her. We came back to the condo around lunchtime to meet Tiffany and Keith and Kade as they arrived. They unpacked and we rested and then we all took the streetcar down to the quarter.
I love being with my sister so much. It was great to get that time with her. We all walked around the quarter and looked in shops and got a bloody mary and snacks and enjoyed looking at everything and every one. I think this was my favorite day. I love hanging out with my mom and Tina and Tiffany. They are some of my very favorite people.

Eventually we were exhausted and sought out the solace of our favorite quiet bar Patrick's Bar Vin. Hilariously, the bar was packed full of people in costume and was blasting loud music so loud we couldn't even speak. We got beautiful glasses of wine and snuck into the hotel courtyard for a respite. It was nice in there and we all had a rest before moving on to meet a large crowd of people for dinner at the Bourbon House.
Our dinner was fabulous. I had the fish special and I could have licked my plate! I love being mom's date for things. She is so fun and kind and just a pleasure to be with always.
After dinner we walked down Bourbon street a bit which was an eye opener and super fun and interesting.
The next morning Mom and I met with Tiffany and Keith and Kade and drove uptown to the Fly Pavilion on the Mississippi River. We had a jar of dad's ashes with us. We walked down an open dock and very surreptitiously dropped dad into the water. We want to put him in the waters of the places he loved. There was a boat parked at the dock all made of wood called the "Patience". We discovered that it was made by a historian by hand and sailed down the Mississippi to recreate the old flat boat trips. It was only here that one day by special permission and it was the only reason a dock was open to the river. We felt dad smiling behind this coincidence. And so we said goodbye privately by the water before our second line later that day.

I already blogged about the second line, but it was absolutely wonderful. Dad would have been smiling from ear to ear.
After the second line, Mom and I took an uber back to the condo and put out a happy hour spread and cleaned up and hosted people as they came and went. We put on our matching day of the dead costumes and giggled and laughed. Then we set off for Mom's big 70th Birthday Bash at Superior Seafood.

I took almost no pictures that evening because I was having so much fun! The food was amazing. Everyone came in costume. The service was good. The wine was flowing. I only wished the table was round because we couldn't chat with everyone at once. Mom seemed to have a good time and that was most important, but it really was an awesome dinner. I think everyone had a good time.
After the dinner we walked over to Gary's new house where he threw mom an amazing after party. There was cake and champagne and we all got to mill around and laugh and tell stories and be together and celebrate my mama.

The next morning I had a quick brunch back at Coulis with mom and Tom and then I had to head to the airport. I was sad to leave her. I love her so much. But it was good to get home and see the kids and Michael. Michael had been amazing while I was gone. He had cooked dinners and raked leaves and hosted an outdoor family movie night and an impromptu sleepover. He had taken the kids to church, helped the neighborhood kids make homemade wands for a whole afternoon, and cleaned the house. I truly have an amazing husband and two pretty adorable kiddos. They are good to come home to.

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