Monday, December 12, 2016

Books in the Hood Holiday Party

Michael and I hosted our neighborhood book group holiday party on Saturday night. We spent the whole day working on the house. We cleaned and then Michael worked on weather proofing our garage while I got ready for the party. We had fourteen people attend and it was really fun. We all dressed "holiday chic". I made seafood bruschetta and a bread ring stuffed with melted cheese. I had a signature cocktail of cranberry moscow mules and lots of wine and beer and cava. Michael and I got to finally use our new bar area! This was the first party we have held in our new home and it was interesting to see how to set it all up and how the flow would be. I am happy to report that no one congregated in my kitchen! We started upstairs with snacks and drinks and then did a white elephant gift exchange. After the exchange, we moved downstairs and had desserts and played drawful. It was really fun. My neighbors are really neat, interesting, kind people. I totally lucked out moving to this neighborhood. I took pictures during the party, but when I looked at my phone the next morning, they were gone. I don't know what happened. But here are the ones I have. Next up for book group- actually reading a book!

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