Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Date Afternoon in Denver

Last Sunday, Michael and I had a real life date. We have not had time together for just the two of us in months. Months. Suzy had generously offered to keep our kids for the afternoon while we went to see our broadway subscription and told us not to hurry back. We gratefully accepted.
We took the train to the performing arts center and hopped off right in front. We had arrived early because I had read that the Opera company would be performing Christmas carols outside the venue. We lucked out and were able to stand upstairs at the theater balcony and listen to their beautiful voices. We had a glass of prosecco while watching them and then went in to the show. I did not love Hedwig and the Angry Inch. The story was intriguing, but I am not a fan of the music, especially when I am hung over. Which I was. There was too much yelling and flashing of lights. Michael liked it more than I did.
After the show we went downtown to 16th Street because I had read that there was a German Christmas market going on there. We found it with no trouble and ducked inside. It was really fun. They had some beautiful German crafts and food booths. Michael and I went into the warming tent and he had a dark German beer and I had some spiced wine while we shared a plate of potato pancakes. The wine was fabulous, but the pancakes were not nearly as good as Wurstfest back home. I bought my sister a gift and we took some pictures and then continued our walk downtown.
The sun was setting (at 4:30PM!), but all the Christmas lights were on and it was beautiful. Michael wanted to take my picture with every lit Christmas tree and I let him. We held hands and walked down the streets. Union Station was lit up like a postcard. The weather was cold, but we had on warm clothes and were quite comfortable. I think I may be getting used to the weather a bit!
We finally caught the train back to Littleton and came home. It was a great afternoon to be with my husband in our new city and get in the holiday spirit.

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