Friday, December 30, 2016

Santa Fe Day

My mom and I took Grandma to the airport yesterday while the rest of the family played at Twirl, ate lunch in town and went sledding. We got her off on the plane and then drove into Santa Fe. We tried several different restaurants for lunch, but everything was so crowded! We eventually found a fabulous restaurant right on the plaza called Tabla. They sat us even though they had finished seating. We were thrilled! The food was amazing and I had a perfect Rose. After lunch and wonderful conversation, we walked around the plaza, window shopping. We made our last stop at my favorite olive oil store and I bought a fabulous butternut squash oil. Then we got in the car and headed back toward Taos. We stopped at the Rio Grande at sunset and dropped some of Dad's ashes into the river. My mom called his name and I said "water is life" and we watched his ashes disappear down the river.
We got home at dinner time to a house full of family. Marcie had made dinner and we munched and had wine and laughed. We eventually shuttled the children off to their bedroom and a marvel movie and settled at the table to play Things. It was neat to see how many score cards we had in the box from year's past.
It was an excellent day. I loved getting to spend the day with my mama and be helpful. She is truly my best friend and our day together was a balm to my soul.

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