Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Act of God and Soup Swap

This weekend was busy. We had dinner on Friday night with our neighbors Shelly and Nathan at a local dive bar called Varsity Inn. It was really fun as they have a bunch of retro video games for a quarter. Sam wasn't with us as he was at a sleepover. We ate good bar food and had fun until Sam texted us that he couldn't actually sleep over and we had to come get him. We picked him up, took him home and let him sleep in his own bed. (he is his mother's child.) Michael and I stayed up and watched Stranger Things, our new obsession.
Saturday morning we returned Sam to the sleep over and I made six quarts of soup in preparation for my soup swap. I wanted to march in the Denver Women's March and had even bought my pink pussy hat (now missing!!!!) for it, but I couldn't make the timing work with the sleepover. So I cleaned the house and we worked on the garage and I cooked soup and that was okay too. That afternoon, Suzy and I took the light rail downtown and met up with some women from my Universalist church for dinner at Freshcraft and the play, "Act of God". I had some social anxiety walking in to meet a bunch of women I didn't know, but I have been looking forward to getting to know some other similarly minded ladies and this was a great opportunity. Besides, Suzy was with me to bolster me up. They were really nice and I had a good time. I made new friends!
After dinner, we walked down to the theater complex and saw Act of God, which was funny, though not fabulous. We rode home on the light rail and were back by 10pm, which gave me plenty of time to watch more Stranger Things on the couch with Michael. Woohoo, Saturday!
Sunday morning, Michael packed and we drove to church. It was a great service all about the march and social justice. Then we grabbed a quick lunch of pho before driving Michael to the bus station to catch a bus to the airport. He had to fly out to Florida for a few days. The kids and I drove home and I sent them away to play in the neighborhood and I hosted soup swap/book group. We had seven people and eight soups and it was a complete success if I do say so myself. We had good conversation about the book. We had delicious appetizers. Then we went downstairs and swapped soup and then drank more wine and laughed and talked more. Suzy stayed while we fed our kids soup and we played some ping pong. It was really fun. I love my new book group and I am so happy that I was able to continue my annual soup swap tradition.

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