Sunday, February 5, 2017

Lucky Girls in Denver

Last Sunday, Mom, Tiffany, Michael, Davis, Sam and I all spent the day in downtown Denver. The weather was spectacular. We were so lucky. We took the light rail into town and then shopped a bit for souvenirs on 16th Street before taking the tram down to Union Station. We had a fabulous lunch at the Mercantile and then got desserts and coffee in the station. We walked over to Tattered Cover bookstore and shopped and browsed for a while before heading up the mall to the clocktower. The kids strapped on some ice skates and did some free ice skating at the rink behind the clocktower. As usual, Davis loved it and Sam didn't.
We tried to catch a crosstown bus to the Museum of Natural History, but just missed it, so we decided to walk to the Molly Brown house instead. As we walked past the capital, we saw people protesting the Muslim ban and we joined them and cheered them. Then we made our way up the Molly Brown house. It was my third time to tour and mom's second, but Tiffany and Michael had never been and I love it. Everyone enjoyed the tour of the house and the history. We came back down the hill and checked our the Brown Palace Hotel. I really want to do high tea there.
We trudged on to the Hyatt Regency at the Convention Center and went up to the bar on the 27th floor for a fabulous view of sunset over the mountains. We had some cocktails and the boys read their new books. As we left the hotel to walk to Larimer for dinner, the boys announced that they were all done with our day. This was a problem as we had fabulous dinner reservations at Rioja. Tiffany saved the day when we spotted an octopus bike and she declared we should all ride it to dinner. We hopped on and had an amazing ride down the mall to the restaurant. We were laughing our heads off. It totally improved the kids' moods.
Dinner was fabulous and delicious. The chef is well known in Denver and has several restaurants. We drank an incredible Tinto Toro and the food was amazing. We even indulged in dessert. I haven't had the opportunity to try some of the fancy restaurants here and so this was extra special. We took the train home from the theater district and were home by ten. We were exhausted, but it was an amazing day. I love my sister and mom so much and we had so much fun with them. My sister had to leave the next morning, but we certainly made the most of her time with us.

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