Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Mardi Gras Party

Last week I was feeling blue so I decided to throw a mardi gras party. I invited my friends and bought beads and requested that everyone to bring a potluck dish. Our friend Tom was visiting (!) and my friend Tate drove across town to join us and all the neighborhood turned out. We had king cake and jambalaya and red beans and rice and french bread and home made ice cream and appetizers and Abita beer. I will tell you that no one really celebrates Mardi Gras here. We are a long way from NOLA. It was snowy outside and cold. I couldn't find Crystal hot sauce or Zapp's chips or crawfish anywhere! Nobody truly understood my need to wear my costume and purple wig. But we made our own little party and rocked out to zydeco and it was fun. I have wonderful friends here who support my need to Mardi Gras and who join the fun. I am lucky.

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