Sunday, March 12, 2017

Biking around the Hood

This weekend's weather was windy and cool, but pretty temperate, so we dug out our bikes and did two bike rides this weekend. Saturday we took our kids and Leah and Garrett down our trail behind our house four about four miles each way. It is a gorgeous ride. I can't wait to do it in summer. Today we took a picnic and went the other direction along the highway on the trail. It was not as picturesque, but it led to a park with a BMX trail. This time we took our kids, Leah and Garrett and Riley. They loved the BMX course, but the wind was COLD, so we didn't stay long. We will try again on a warmer day. My little cruiser bike from college did it's best to keep up with everybody else on their mountain bikes, but I'm hoping for a birthday miracle in the form of a new bike.

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