Monday, March 20, 2017

Pool Parties in San Marcos

We arrived in San Marcos for our spring break on Saturday around noon. Mom picked us up and we headed into a glorious Texas Spring day. The bluebonnets waved at us from the side of the road and we were so happy to be here. My aunt Char and uncle Mike were on the ranch for one day only and so my mom had arranged a birthday pool party/happy hour for me that afternoon. So we dropped off our luggage in our rooms and began to party! I was still feeling pretty sick from the stomach bug that has plagued me since my birthday, but I powered through and enjoyed being with my amazing family in this amazing place. It was great.

Sunday was the big pool party I had planned for to celebrate Davis's birthday. We had about 50 people including kids and adults and we grilled and swam and drank and played bocce. It was perfect. Utterly perfect. The day was splendid and warm and sunny. Mom had heated the pool. We bought three dozen donuts and stacked them on a cake plate and called it a birthday cake. All of our very best friends showed up with their kids who are my children's very best friends and so much merriment was made. We took the kids on mule rides and the other children delighted in ambushing them and drenching them all in water. We made five hundred million sausages on the grill. My mom was with me and able to enjoy and play. We held and snuggled babies and put our feet in the pool and sipped wine and it was like having the very best people/moments of my life in SM back again. Except the children somehow got bigger. It was the best. It is so amazing knowing I can still have these incredible people and parties in my life. I am more appreciative of them than ever before. And I am also extra-especially grateful to have this venue to party in. My mom's house rocks. My friends rock. Davis rocks. Life rocks.

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