Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Spring Break in Texas

Spring Break in Texas was amazing. It was perfect. It was epic. I was so happy. The weather was warm and sunny. Being with my mama was everything. All the sadness and fear I had when I went in October was gone and I was able to just enjoy the moment, every moment until the next one arrived.
Monday was a quiet day. We took a long walk around the ranch and down to the dam to skip rocks. We had lunch at Casa Maria and took a trip to Target. That afternoon we visited Grandma and then in the evening, we cooked a beautiful pasta dinner, opened an AMAZING bottle of wine and ate dinner and played Tokaido outside on the patio. It was a wonderful evening.
Tuesday I went to the hair salon and got my chopped off and died peacock blue and royal purple. The transition to gray has been bumpy and my hair is still pretty damaged. I decided to chop off the dead hair, dye the remaining damaged hair a fun color and keep my natural roots natural. I'll keep chopping until it's all my own natural color and then I'll grow it out long again and leave it alone, lol. That afternoon we went to kids' old montessori school to visit. IT was very sweet to watch them explore the school and visit with their teacher that they loved so much. That evening we visited our old house and had happy hour with our renters before going out for BBQ at Black's.
On Wednesday, mom and I took the boys out to Wimberly. Central Texas is absolutely gorgeous right now, full of bluebonnets and green. The drive was a pleasure. We met my sister for lunch at the Leaning Pear and then walked around downtown and did a little shopping. Then we came into San Marcos and had ice cream at Rhea's before heading home. We visited GG again and then went down to the pool for a swim and to grill and visit with Glendon.
On Thursday, mom went to get her hair done, Michael had the day off and took the boys fishing and I drove up to Austin to have lunch with Cheris. It was really fun for all of us. Cheris and I talked and ate on the patio of Fresas and then did a little vintage shopping. I love her so much and every moment with her was satisfying and enjoyable. I visited GG in the afternoon and then later, Stacey and Chris came over with the girls and they played happily and we all visited. We wanted to swim, but it was a windy day, so we hung out and snacked and just enjoyed being together again. That evening was Glendon's birthday, so mom made an incredible shrimp dinner and we had cake and celebrated Glendon. Late in the evening, Katie arrived and we drank wine and sat around the bar catching up. It was a fantastic day of friends.
Friday morning we woke up and packed up and got ready to leave for my birthday bash at the Hyatt Lost Pines. It was rainy, but I was excited to begin the party. I ran up and said goodbye to GG and we drove off the ranch.
It was hard to leave the ranch. I just keep telling myself that the best thing is that I can still go home. I can still visit as often as I can. I love my family and my home there so much. I am happy in Colorado, but I can still have that too. I feel very lucky.

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Awww! The feeling is mutual. :)

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