Sunday, April 2, 2017

Davis is 12!

Davis had a great birthday. He woke up early on Friday morning and we opened presents and had cupcakes for breakfast. After school, he came home and played and received birthday FaceTime calls and at 5PM friends started to arrive. He has never had a friend over from school as it is hard to make friends in middle school, but he had three of the four he invited show up! We also had the neighborhood children that are his very best friends here and so a party was made. Michael picked up a bazillion pizzas from Dominos and I made lemonade. The kids played scooter in the garage until time to eat and then destroyed a bazillion pizzas and 4 quarts of lemonade. Then my friend Shelly came over in her minivan and Michael drove our car and we transported the kids to our local movie theater, which is very nice. Davis had requested tickets to opening night of "Boss Baby" in the premiere balcony area as his birthday party. This was easily accomplished and made an easy party. All the kids got movie candy instead of a cake and the waitress brought them all water on a tray. Michael sat the row behind and supervised and Shelly and I went next door to Bar Louie for drinks and dinner. It was a win! Samuel had a slight fever, so we didn't have the neighborhood kids over for a sleepover, but Davis understood and declared it an amazing day.
Davis had a birthday month and I am very happy to celebrate him. He is an amazing twelve year. He is independent, thoughtful, empathetic, hard working, and responsible. He is still competitive and bossy and strong willed, but I can see him slowly shaping those personality traits into leadership qualities. (some days). He still loves all things with wheels. Right now the obsession takes it's form in pro scooters and RC cars. He still wants to be a mechanical engineer and work for Tesla. He still reads and reads and reads. He will often go through two or three novels a week, spending hours on the weekend in bed, reading. He is getting pretty good at tennis and is so fast. He's a straight A student and works so hard on homework and in his classes. He has no interest in romance at all. He spends a LOT of time thinking about what his first car should be. Right now it's a classic volkswagen beetle. I am very proud of him and love spending time with him. Happy Birthday, Davis!

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