Monday, April 10, 2017

Spring has Sprung

It has been a very busy first ten days of April. The Colorado weather is playing with me. We had gorgeous flowering trees and sun and warm days and then the next day we had a snowstorm. Twenty four hours later all the snow had melted and the trees were flowering and the grass was greener and the sun was shining.
I've been teaching drama and trying to get my two one acts ready for performances. It's really hard to get the time and the focus when we don't have a good rehearsal space. I've also interviewed for the position officially and will find out hopefully this week if I'm offered a teaching position at the school.
Samuel has been sick since before Davis's birthday with headache and low grade fever and lethargy. He's missed all but one day of school. He missed all of PARCC testing. We went to the doctor three times and today the doctor thinks that Sam has been suffering from migraines. He started a new migraine medication tonight. We have to keep him home two more days to observe how the medication treats him. We are also doing blood work tomorrow to rule out infections and mono.
We are realizing that our new home in our beloved neighborhood is a bit of lemon. While assembling our new outdoor dining table on the back porch, we realized that our siding is rotting some places. Then we realized that it was rotting because our gutters are rusted through. Then we realized that our deck is rotting through too and probably needs replacing. Our floors need replacing too as they are buckling and they pinch and break the skin of our feet if we go barefoot in the house. Sigh.
So I really need this job.
We've also been putting our final touches on our summer plans and realizing that we don't have a single weekend all summer with nothing on it. It's going to be so fun! I can't wait to fully enjoy all that Colorado has to offer in the beautiful summer season.
Our weekend was gorgeous and though quiet as we stayed home a lot with headachy Sam, still we managed to have a lot of fun. The neighborhood kids were out in full force. I made chocolate chip cookies the size of my face and took them out on my bluebonnet platter to all the kids. The kids played tag and frisbee, ping pong, scooter, legos, bootchie and eventually drew the longest chalk hopscotch ever. Suzy and Jason came over Saturday evening and we played Catan and sipped the first of the Spring Rose wines.
Michael has been in town since spring break and it is very nice and very odd. We have been taking care of a lot of spring projects and spring cleaning. We are thinking if we put in new floors and have to move the furniture anyway, we may move some rooms around. We shall see.
This week Davis has PARCC testing and so the schedule is all turned around, but we stay busy and muddle through it.
The good weather looks like it will last through Easter. We planned to go down to Taos for a long weekend, but Michael has to fly to South Carolina on Easter morning, so we will stay in the hood for the holiday. I ordered cascarones and a piƱata and I am trying to convince my neighbors to have an Easter potluck party with for Easter afternoon.
So Spring has finally sprung around here, with the odd snowstorm thrown in. Wish us luck on cheap flooring estimates, cheap deck and gutter estimates, head-ache cures, smooth PARCC testing, job offers, and Easter travels. We need them.
Happy Spring!

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