Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Cabaret Concert

Last Saturday, I sang in a Cabaret Concert that was put on by the musical director of our new UU Church. There were four of us who were featured. I ended up singing five songs. I was terrified. This is the first time I've sung publicly like this since I was pregnant with Davis. I didn't know if I could do it. My voice was rusty, I'd lost my breath support. I didn't know if I could memorize new music and lyrics. Each day I was convinced I wouldn't pull it off. But- I did!
Saturday night went pretty smoothly. The nerves were terrible and I shook all the way through my first song, but I did it!
I loved working with John and thoroughly enjoyed my duets.
I was deeply grateful that many of our friends and neighbors came out to support me in this endeavor. My mama sent me gorgeous yellow roses. I think I had 13 friends come to the evening! After the show, Anna took our kids home and we all went out for drinks and food at an Irish pub at the DTC, which was not very impressive, but didn't matter too much as I was with friends. The kids seemed to like, though both my boys snuck out when I sang the marriage tango, as they DO NOT want to hear me sing about sex, ever.
I think I'm back in saddle again with this performing thing. It was fun!
If you would like to see any of the performances, the link is here.
Number five is the sex song. You know you wondered.

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