Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Mother's Day

Mother's Day was lovely. The kids had spent the night at the neighbor's house after my show, so I slept in and Michael brought me toast and coffee to bed. I had spent the day before planing $400 worth of flowers in various beds around the house and that was my big mother's day present. I was so happy as all I wanted was beautiful flowers in my yard. All I had to do on the actual day was admire them.
Michael and I eventually got our kids back and we dressed up and drove out to Cherry Creek Mall where we shopped furniture galleries and cooking stores before making our way to the Departure Lounge for lunch. I had picked this restaurant after reading great things about it and then a week before our reservation, I saw there was a four page spread on it in 5280 Magazine. I was very excited and it did not disappoint. The restaurant itself is adjacent to Halycon Hotel, a very hip boutique hotel and the restaurant was amazing too. We all loved everything we ate.
After lunch I came home and took a nap while the kids ran all over the neighborhood and then took their bikes to the park. Later that afternoon, we walked down to Suzy and Jason's for a BBQ. We played bocce ball in the green space behind our houses and it was pretty close to perfect.
I missed my mom and sister and grandma very much that day and wished so much I could join them at the pool at Casa Pacifica, but I made the choice to move here and so I made delicious lemonade out of those lemons. Because it is what it is and what it is is pretty good. Plus my mama and maybe my sister will be here next week!
So happy Mother's Day to me! And pictures of all my pretty flowers will be forthcoming.

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