Wednesday, May 17, 2017

The Kids are All Right

In fact, they are doing great. The end of the year has kept us busy at school. Davis has performed with his band at the school music festival. He is making straight A's and has finally made some good school friends. He has developed a killer topspin on his tennis stroke. He's found a great new piano teacher and is singing and playing "Hey Jude" at his recital this weekend. Samuel has done his cultural day presentation on Scotland and is performing in the elementary band with his new strat guitar. He wrote a poetry book and read aloud during the class "poetry cafe". He solved a rubic's cube yesterday by himself and has declared himself super popular. His grades are good, but he is sick and tired of school and really looking forward to summer.
They are happy and seem to be well adjusted. They deeply love their neighborhood friends and have a strong, fantastic group of friends on our street that play every single day. They can't wait to spend their summer outside.

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