Monday, June 19, 2017

Fun Outside

Colorado is really nice outside in the summer. The weather is beautiful and everyone heads outside. Even when it gets warm in the day, the evenings are cool and wonderful. We have been attending Highlands Ranch outdoor concert series every Thursday evening. We drive over to our friend Christin's house and park there. Then we walk/scooter to the park with the Danielson's and Christin's family. When we arrive at the park we spread out our blankets and picnics and the kids go off to play. The music is not top quality, but it is fun and we love being outside in the gorgeous weather with our friends.
We also hosted an outdoor movie night of our own in our greenspace. We screened the Princess Bride again and it was wonderful, despite the fact that so FEW people chose to wear costumes. What is with Colorado folks who refuse to dress up? It's so fun to put on a costume! Still, it was well attended and many people quoted along and that was enjoyable.
Suzy and I snuck out without the kids last weekend and went to an Art Market downtown. We strolled through booth after booth looking at art. There was so much talent at the festival and it was like walking through one amazing gallery after another. I really had a good time.
Also, the kids have moved their tennis playing outside. They had their first tennis match last week and had a good time playing at a nearby club. It's refreshing to be able to play a sport outside all day and not always break a sweat. I've been taking long walks every morning and if I'm home before nine it's still chilly. I love that.
It's amazing how seasons work. I really appreciate being outside and enjoying the sunshine so much more now that we've spend so long in cold winter. It's that much better. I hope to spend every moment that I can outside this spring and fall.

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