Tuesday, June 13, 2017

New Floors

Our house is a lemon. But it's in a great neighborhood. And it's ours. So we are fixing it. One painful, high cost item at a time. The lovely lady who lived in our house before us had installed concrete over hardwoods and sculpted it with wire to look like stone and then painted it white. In the kitchen, dining and living room. White. And then the paint chipped. And the pergo in the other rooms gapped. They gapped and shifted and pinched and cut your bare feet. So we replaced them. Yay! We chose a luxury vinyl planking and I LOVE it. But first we had to move all our furniture out of every room and then for two weeks I hid among stacks of clutter while men banged and sanded and trudged through every open door in my house. And then we bought and had installed all new door casings and baseboard, too, because when in Rome... But my new floors are beautiful!
And then after those weeks we went to Moab and when we got back we moved all the furniture out of every single bedroom and Michael's office and boxed and carried and went up and down our five levels carrying huge, heavy loads, eighty million times. And then they put in new, luxurious, beautiful blue gray carpet. And then we moved Michael's office into Davis's room, the guest room into Sam's room, Sam's room into the basement and Davis's room into the guest room. Because if we were going to have to move every piece of furniture in every room, why not? We are still residing in our own bedroom, by the way. And then we moved light fixtures and painted some walls and switched everything from one bathroom to another. But now it is done and my floors are perfect.
So come visit!
Next, the sad, terrible tale of the day we came home from Moab and found out that our lemon of house was rotting...

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cheris said...

It looks beautiful!! I'm jealous. And interested in this new material. We must chat about it.
Also, having done the flooring-room-musical-chairs several times, I feel your pain.

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