Wednesday, July 19, 2017

New York City 2017

We had a wonderful week in New York City. The first two days were spent with my mom and Tiffany and Keith. We visited the Freedom Tower and the 9/11 museum. We walked through central park and had our picture taken at Dad's bench. We ate dinner with Mario and Carol in Little Italy and we went out to Sleep No More and ate at the Empire Grill afterwards. The boys visited two Lego stores and mom and I ate at two different Eatalys. It was all wonderful.
We stayed at the Hyatt Union Square which was a really great boutique hotel in a fantastic location. We used points and cash and a suite upgrade and because of a snafu in reservations, we ended up in the fanciest room in the hotel with an adjoining room for the kids. It was a bit more money, but it was so nice to have all that space to relax and spread out, especially after many days of togetherness on vacation. We even had a huge wraparound private terrace. It was posh. Plus our globalist status got us free breakfast at the very fancy restaurant next door which was absolutely amazing.
After the family left, the kids got sick, so Michael and I spent his last day off wandering the city by ourselves. We walked and walked through mid town and then over to the highline. Then we checked on the kids and continued on exploring, visiting the south street Seaport and having a date and a check in at the Chase Lounge there.
In the following days, Michael worked and the kids took turns feeling unwell, and we acted like we lived in NYC which was super fun. Davis and I rode bikes around central park and had a date in Chinatown at Nom Wah. We took Sam through Washington Square park and got vegan cupcakes. We took the kids down to the Hester Street fair and ice cream social and looked at NYU and walked and walked and walked. We ordered in Chinese and Thai and watched movies in the evenings. I took the kids to the museum of natural history. Davis and I got our nails done. We had fun. It was good to have the kids attention for a while, away from friends and their routine. They are so fun to be with.
I am still completely in love with New York City. It is the place of my heart. I am so glad I was able to spend a week there pretending I lived in the city again.

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