Monday, July 17, 2017

Tyler Place 2017

This was our third year at Tyler Place. Every year it has been more fun and easier for me as the social stuff is overwhelming at first. I loved getting to see old friends and new. The best part of the week was having my sister, Keith and mom with us. We had so much fun! I tried some new things this year. I did the cooking class, did yoga on the rocks, took the walking tour and tie dyed a silk scarf! I also did lawn games (even more fun with my sister) and every cocktail hour and sang on broadway night. I did a solo at Trivia night that went over well. I also competed with Michael and Davis in the mini triathlon called the Duckman. (I did the swimming portion). I swam in the lake and road my bike and took a tennis lesson with Michael and Sam. We lit sparklers and watched fireworks at the boat dock on the forth of July. The weather was wonderful almost every day. Michael and I took a sail one day and we all went on the champagne pontoon boat cruise over to Canada. Davis and Sam had the best summer camp week ever. Davis actually got promoted to bike shop apprentice and got a staff shirt to wear while he worked. He spent almost all his spare time there (except when he went with his friend Grace to the candy store or jumped on the tramps with Sam or used the new pedal paddle board at the lake). Michael played softball again this year and did the low ropes course. He also went on the canoe trip with Tiff and Keith. We got family photos taken and had dinner together every evening. It truly is an amazing summer camp and we do love it there very much.

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