Friday, August 4, 2017

Taos with the Liffords 2017

We came home from NYC and had a week in Littleton. I shopped and cleaned and the kids had lessons and I enjoyed being home. Then the Liffords arrived and the party started all over again!
They arrived on Saturday and on Sunday morning, we hopped in the car and drove down to Taos. We picnicked in a sketchy park in Walsenburg and made our way to the high desert and the beauty of Taos.
We had so much fun while we were there! We went to Twirl twice, the new chocolate shop, Seconds and many more stores on the plaza. We hiked Italianos with the kids. The kids forgot their suitcase so we took a trip to Walmart and stopped at Leonel's for tamales. We took the scenic chairlift up the mountain and saw a groundhog and had a picnic and touched snow. We ate at KTAO and played volleyball and ran inside to hide from the afternoon monsoons. We walked with Valerie in Arroyo Seco. We played board games and drank wine and visited with Yvette Burks and her new husband. My mom arrived to join us! We hiked the south boundary trail. We hiked the Taos mountain with mom and picked fresh strawberries. We ate happy hour at Sabrosa. We went to Taos Mesa brewery to see the Wallflowers and Kit Carson park to see the Mavericks and Dwight Yoakum. We ate a fabulous lunch at Emma's. We got to see Marcie and her family. We played lots of ping pong and let the kids watch movies. We saw rainbow after rainbow. We went to the farmer's market and bought amazing fresh produce and flowers. We took Cheris on a walking tour of Taos and almost found a geocache. I fell in love with Taos all over again. I'm so glad we live so close now. I love it there.

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cheris said...

Me too! I love Taos, especially when we're with you guys!