Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day Weekend

Here is my mother's day love letter post from '08 for some sweet mother's day love.
All you've got today from me is a recap. We did have a lovely mother's day weekend. We managed to stretch mother's day over two weekends and I think that is just fine. Last Sunday afternoon we had a brunch at my mom's house to celebrate since they were going out of town on the real mother's day. My sister and her family came as well as my grandparents and my uncle and aunt. We had a wonderful day being together.
This weekend started off with the Cinco De Mayo parade downtown. It was a very sweet, small town parade. After a rest, we attended a great Neverland birthday party for our friend Brynn's 3rd birthday combined with a Pappy Hour gig on Saturday afternoon in New Braunfels. Michael and his band were even better than last time and had added several new songs. I am so proud of them and love the band. I think the kids loved it too.
Sunday morning the kids gifted me with presents and breakfast in bed. Michael let me take it easy all day. We went to our Unitarian fellowship for a flower service. It was a really nice ritual. We love our community there and are so glad to have found it. After church we ate a quick lunch at Gulfo de Mexico and then went home to pack for a pool party!
That was my choice for mother's day. I wanted to lie by the pool with a few friends, a margarita and a book. I wanted to watch my children swim and adore them from afar while Michael re-filled my drink and negotiated peace with the children when they argued. Cheris and Rob came down with their kids and Tom and Odille brought their son and abuela. We had a perfect afternoon with lots of sunning by the pool, playing bocce ball and grilling hamburgers and veggies on the grill.
I love Mother's Day. My kids quickly reminded me at bedtime last night that today and every day after would be kids day again. But I have the memories!

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