Tuesday, June 7, 2011

In love with my boys

I'm so in love with my boys right now. I love their ages and their personalities. We are having so much fun this summer it's hard for me to send them off to the fun activities we have planned for them while I work.
Davis is helpful and thoughtful and social and so interesting. Sam is sweet and full of imaginative play, and is such a joy. I bought them new bikes yesterday and they have been over the moon excited with joy about them. I have been really enjoying their company and sharing in their thoughts and impressions of the world.
Yes, sometimes they ask a thousand questions and make big messes and get into things. But really all they want is my attention. I need to remember that. Because sometimes those things irritate me. Sometimes I get impatient, or busy having a conversation, or working on my computer and I just want to be left alone and so I get short-tempered, or bossy or I just don't listen.
I wish I didn't do that. When they fall asleep at night and it's quiet I feel so guilty for all the times I wasn't patient or didn't appreciate all that my children are. I want to go wake them up and climb in bed with them and kiss them all over.
I just went in there just now and both boys were reading in their beds. I gave them kisses and hugs and told them how much I loved them and apologized for not being patient enough with them today. They both told me it was okay. "Even Mommies get short-tempered sometimes," says Davis. They both tell me they love me. It feels good.
But I still wish I could give the best of me to them all the time everyday. They deserve it. I have been blessed with these two amazing children. I only hope I can be the mommy they deserve and that I stop and appreciate them. I want to live in the moment more with them so it doesn't pass me by so quickly.

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cheris said...

Hahaha! Weird... I'm in the middle of writing my "the kids are awesome!" post.