Friday, June 10, 2016

Denver- We are in You

This last week has been a whirlwind. I am grieving, but it is hard to find time and space to grieve. There are too many changes and activities going on. It's just a lump that lives in my throat and a pervasive exhaustion.
Life has been moving at a frantic pace since the memorial service. We found a renter and signed a lease. We attended a final ranch happy hour. We attended a final pool party at Casa Pacifica where we drank margaritas and swam. We have packed up our house, we stayed with my mom for three nights. Mom and the boys and I scrubbed out our house. The moving truck came and mom and Davis and Samuel brought lemonade and brownies for the crew and Michael worked and I followed them around with a broom.
The moving truck left. Michael flew to Denver. We spent another night with mama, staying up late and singing songs with her in the living room.
The next morning we got up early and loaded a very, very full car with three dogs and two kids and drove off for Dumas for twelve hours. We arrived in the evening and stayed with Michael's Aunt Dianne and Uncle Jim. They were wonderful hosts and surprised us with the news that Dogie Days were going on in Dumas. This is a carnival that Michael and his mom used to attend every year with great joy. We went and rode a few rides and the kids got to spend some time with extended family. It was really special.
The next morning we were in the car by 7AM and were on our way. The second day's drive was easier. The scenery was beautiful and we had a great audio book called Magyk narrated by Allan Corduner who is amazing. We arrived at lunch time and were exhausted.
We went to target and Sprouts which are very close to our new house. I love Sprouts. Beats HEB for sure.
Our house is beautiful and very empty. We met some neighbors and have been promised of the existence of children in our neighborhood, but haven't seen any yet. Sam keeps looking. We slept inside out style in sleeping bags on the floor of an empty house. We were all a bit homesick. Today is better. We are home. We will live in the moment and make it a home.

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