Monday, January 23, 2017

Ten Year Blogiversary!

Today my Blog is ten years old. I started this thing in 2007. I never thought when I started typing, lonely and lost with two tiny babies, that I would continue for this long. Sometimes it has been a delight and sometimes it has been a chore. I've kept up with it, trying to post at least once a week, because this is the history of my family. Each year I turn it into a book and place it on the shelf. Often I reference the blog to look up a restaurant or hotel that we visited. Sometimes I look back to see certain events in the kid's lives.
I haven't always put everything out here. It's not a real diary. Something are just too personal to put on a public forum. I write it like a letter to a friend. It used to have more recipes. I should add more recipes again. It used to have more about the kids, but since they are growing up now, I am far more respectful of their privacy and only post pictures and stories about them after I have asked permission. I've written 1090 published posts. One thousand ninety. Feel free to come back in time and read some of the first ones with me. Initial Post.
I am grateful to have this record. I am proud of I've stayed with it. Thanks for sharing this blog with me-for reading, for caring enough to keep up. If you feel inclined, comment and "Cheers!" with me. It would be nice to know who is here with me and to celebrate with you.


Christina said...

Cheers, Amber! I sometimes fail to read your entry each week, but I love reading about your lives and feel privileged to know a bit about what you're feeling and thinking. Thank you for taking the time and using your talents to do this, even when your responsibilities are enormous. We who love you think this is great, and you and the boys will be grateful beyond bounds that you did this for them. It's just frustrating that I can't be right there with you for all the fun times and physically at your side for the tough times. Keep on! And congratulations!!

Rob L. said...

Salud! They will have to pry my RSS reader out of my cold dead hands, and of course you're right there in the friends-and-family folder.

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